Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Random access memory # 58. (1978)

Mr Gall the English teacher got us to do a talk to the rest of the class on a subject of our own choosing. I did mine about illegal drugs. I pursued my interest in the subject more directly later in my teens.
Gall was really impressed and my classmates seemed interested. It made me feel good.
S H, who'd always been teacher's pet even from primary school, did her talk about a school skiing trip she'd been on. Even at the time it seemed to me from her approach that she might have had some coaching, or got a book out of the library on public speaking. She incorporated a visual element by pointlessly drawing the ski-lift on the blackboard. She also tried to introduce an element of humour, which fell completely flat and, I thought, just made her look a dick. She always seemed like she was trying a bit too hard.
I thought my presentation was better and more interesting than hers and that felt satisfying. Although I was nervous about doing the presentation, at least I turned up. MC went off sick that day for the first and last time in her school career. It was suspected to be a ruse to avoid doing the presentation. She was odd and thin and serious and I fancied her slightly.

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