Sunday, 30 October 2016

Random access memory # 60. (1987)

The most important change in my working life happened soon after I moved to Deptford.
I'd just left a telephone sales job for a firm that sold lighting equipment. In the Jobcentre I saw an advert for a job as an admin officer at the local Unemployment Benefit Office.
Politically, I was already a strong believer in the welfare state, so I asked about the job. That was the first time I actively chose a job for my own reasons, rather than just settling for whatever was available.
I almost fell at the first. The job required 5 'O' levels or equivalent. I had 4 'O' levels from school and an 'A' level from an evening class. The woman at the Jobcentre told me, incorrectly, that this wasn't enough. I think I might have asked her to check.
I got the job. I was only there a few months. That was where I met my first love.

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