Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Family business #23. (1976)

Once, at a school parents' evening, Mum had a timed slot booked to see my English teacher, Miss Rees. I can't remember for sure now but I think Rees might have been my form teacher as well. When Mum arrived, Miss Rees wasn't there.
At my next English lesson Rees apologised and asked if there was anything in particular Mum had wanted to talk about. It was clear my mum was down for the one of the later slots and Rees had decided to knock off early.
Although I don't think Rees was the only teacher Mum was down to see, it struck me as shoddy. As Rees had mentioned it in the lesson it seemed likely that I was the only person it had happened to. I had the sense then, and still do now, that it wouldn't have happened if Mum hadn't been a lone parent.

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